Employee Development

Employee Development

As part of the Finmeccanica family of companies, Selex ES Inc provides competitive development opportunities to employees through two unique programs.


Finmeccanica Learning Induction Program (FLIP)

Designed to provide an induction path to new recruits of the Finmeccanica Group, the Finmeccanica Learning Induction Program (FLIP) is designed to share the distinctive values of Finmeccanica, which develops a sense of belonging and provides participants with the necessary tools in order to effectively orient themselves within the organization. The program provides a unique method of blended learning, consisting of an effective combination of tradition and innovation, based on a mix of lessons in classroom, e-learning and team working (virtual and in presence).


Program participants are invited to partake in a variety of in-person and online seminars to grow personally and professionally. Throughout the FLIP program, participants are challenged to collaborate with peers both within Selex ES and across companies to develop strategies that address pressing challenges faced by the Finmeccanica group. The program distinguishes itself by providing direct access to top executives within Selex ES and other companies, affording recent recruits unparalleled exposure and relationships to enrich their professional lives.