The Selex ES TETRA solution, ElettraSuite Adaptanet® TETRA IP, is the radio communications product for utilities, energy, transportation, and all business critical communications that need immediate, reliable, and secure communications whether by land, air, or sea.


The Selex ES Adaptanet® switchless architecture is a powerful solution for linking multiple sites with call control capabilities that are distributed across the network, exploiting the full benefits of full-IP connectivity. This solution provides real benefits to users with cost savings, high performance, and flexibility of the application and network design.


The new family of digital trunked mobile radio products provides a complete range of user services for land mobile radio system operators including all the benefits available from integration with Voice over IP components. TETRA is the ideal choice for high-congestion communication environments that require a robust network. Wireless public networks are subject to congestion (especially during an emergency) preventing users from using the network when there is more need. Selex ES, with intrinsic reliability features, guarantees immediate TETRA communications even in the event of a system failure, emergency or during network congestion.



Infrastructure Configurations

  • BS Node: a full services Base Station housed in a standard rack (up to 4 carriers)
  • BS Node C:  a full services Base Station housed in a compact rack (up to 2 carriers)
  • BS Node-TS: a full services TETRA Node with call control capabilities housed in a standard rack (up to 4 carriers)
  • BS Node C-TS: a full services TETRA Node with call control capabilities housed in a compact rack (up to 2 carriers)

Mobiles and Portables

  • Puma T3 Plus portable: full key pad, color display
  • Puma T3 Plus2 Ex: ATEX certified, full key pad, color display
  • VS3000 Mobile Radio: compact design with DMO and Gateway/Repeater capabilities
  • VS4000 Mobile Radio: versatile application with LAN ports, two heads one body or one body two head configurations
  • Mobile Control Heads: for both indoor applications (vehicles & fixed stations) as well as outdoor (motorcycles & patrol boats)

Individual Communications

Private voice communications between two users (like a regular cellular call) are ensured access to PSTN, PABX, ISDN and GSM networks to be connected with the public.

Group Communications

Group communications are voice and data communications with a predetermined group of users, such as a workgroup or a team. A hand-held terminal, such as our PUMA-T3 Plus2 Ex, stores up to 1,400 groups in its memory and can operate even in potentially explosive environments. The dispatcher manages and creates workgroups, a service of particular importance during emergencies, for effective team management and for safe and efficient operations.

Broadcast communications

Broadcast communications are voice and data communications with all the users in a network. Individuals and management are thus able to communicate important information to all employees at the touch of a button.


We ensure mission critical communications is secure through mechanism that make eavesdropping impossible, but ensure high voice quality. Security is ensured through air-interface encryption, end-to-end encryption, terminal authentication ensuring that terminals in the system are not cloned, disabling of stolen or lost terminals, and security management ensuring the security of communications without any deleterious impact on voice quality.