Systems Integration Partners

Systems Integration Partners

Customers expect Selex ES to deliver business critical communication systems that support their mission.  Customers need quality system deployments, delivered on schedule, and at a reasonable price.  Customers also need timely and quality aftermarket support for their communication system investment.


Selex ES is seeking experienced, capable, and professional system integrators in North America to assist with its LMR Systems business.  Our goal is to build a select group of partnerships with capable and accomplished system integrators. 


Integrator candidates may be enterprises that cover a smaller geographic footprint such as a large city or multiple counties, state and multiple states, as well as nationally focused integrators.  System integrators may be lead the project pursuit, with Selex ES supporting the effort.  Likewise, Selex ES seeks partners to support the pursuit, deployment, and provide aftermarket services when we act as the lead.


If you would like more information about becoming an System Integration Partner, or, have an opportunity that suits the Selex ES DMR or TETRA technologies but would like Selex ES to take the lead role with your support, please contact Selex ES.