Digital Mobile Radio

Digital Mobile Radio

The Selex ES ECOS-D Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) was designed to enable a controlled migration from an existing analog or legacy, proprietary trunked network to a new digital network, while continuing to use your infrastructure investments, including the tower and shelter.  The Selex Extended COmmunications System – Digital, is a flexible and versatile technology with a software defined radio base station at the core of the solution.  Resulting in an easy to set up, easy to use, reliable communications network with a wide range of services, including security and advanced digital services.


The Selex-ES ECOS-D DMR is available in a number of configurations in both DMR Tier II Digital Conventional and DMR Tier III Digital Trunking.  Networks can be designed to take advantage of the ECOS-D Simulcast configuration for wide area coverage, low number of frequencies, and intrinsic call hand over.  Simulcast is available in both DMR Tier II and Tier III.  ECOS-D may be configured as a multi-site (cellular) configuration in both DMR Tier II and Tier III.  Network designers can combine multi-site and simulcast configurations in to a hybrid network to meet your specific requirements.


Selex ES ECOS-D DMR solutions are fully compatible with the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) DMR standards and are non-proprietary.  As an original contributor to the ETSI DMR standard and one of the founders of the DMR Association, Selex is a very active participant in the DMRA Interoperability Process (IOP).  Selex DMR infrastructure has been IOP certified for Tier II with Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, Vertex Standard, Simoco, Tait, EMC and Aselan.  For Tier II, certifications have been obtained with Tait, Hytera, and Radiodata.


The Selex ES ECOS-D family includes a variety of flexible and innovative solutions with a wide range of features and different types of links between repeaters.  The ECOS-D system maintains high performance in the simulcast environment as network synchronization, equalization of link connections and real time voting are performed automatically in one, 3 rack unit Radio Base Station.  The simulcast system acts as a single "virtual repeater", regardless of the number of RBSs in the network, giving the highest quality reception even in overlapping signal areas.


ECOS-D RBS4000 110W is an automatic Dual Mode analog and digital radio base station (RBS) with a modular structure designed to meet and exceed the requirements of business critical communication systems.  The core of the ECOS-D solution is the RBS4000 110W.  A software defined radio, the RBS4000 is able to support analog FM, digital DMR conventional Tier II and digital DMR trunking Tier III as well as simulcast and multi-site configurations.  The RBS4000 is available in VHF (136-174 MHz), UHF (450-526 MHz), 800, and 900 MHz.